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GSM-Q Dialler

Gard use the HKC GSM-Q dialler to communicate alarm events to the owner of the property. When the system is triggered the dialler uses the mobile phone networks to send a text and or voice message to whichever phones you like.

This device can also be used to connect to central station monitoring if required.

This device may also be used to switch on/off the alarm from a remote location using text message commands.

The GSM-Q add on can work using a prepaid SIM card which can be purchased in any eirmobile shop and you can keep track of your usage history and credit level or top up online with a credit or debit card - thus avoiding a monthly bill pay account.

The device works with a regular sized 2G sim (not micro sim).

A text message can be programmed to be sent every so often in order to remind you to check your credit online or to make sure the dialler is still working. If the message fails the control panel will beep a warning.

 A typical text message sent might be:

Alarm zone 3 patio door.
Main St Terenure.
Fri 31th December 2008.

This device is used when you don't have a telephone landline in your home. It may also be used if you are worried that the landline you have is vulnerable to tampering by criminals.

The device has jam detection which triggers the alarm system in the event of gsm jamming devices being deployed by the burglars.